East Grand Boulevard, Detroit

Terminating at the MacArthur Bridge, which leads out to Belle Isle, East Grand Boulevard stretches to the north-northwest, and is lined with fine houses that date to the early Twentieth Century. It makes ninety degree turn to become West Grand Boulevard, which we briefly looked at yesterday as part of our larger discussion of Grand River Avenue. Much like St. Louis’s own Grand Boulevard, Detroit’s version wrapped around what was then the outskirts of the city in the late Nineteenth Century.

Detroit Publishing Co., Publisher. Residences on Eastern Boulevard i.e. East Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. United States Michigan Detroit, 1902. [?] Photograph. Library of Congress.

The houses are absolutely beautiful, and ridiculously cheap considering their size. This is one place where gentrification has not arrived, but rather a place where people have kept up their properties against the threat of disinvestment and neglect by the government.

Detroit Publishing Co., Publisher. Detroit, Mich., East Grand Boulevard. United States Michigan Detroit, None. [Between 1900 and 1920] Photograph. Library of Congress.

The area has been listed as the East Grand National Historic District since 1999, in recognition of the beauty of its architecture. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Even Warren Buffett has optimism for the area!

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