East Washington Avenue


While the other end of Washington Avenue in downtown had blossomed as the Loft District, our old unwanted friend Saint Louis Centre managed to kill most foot traffic east of the hated skybridge over the avenue. Likewise, transients seem to love to cluster just east of the bridge, rendering the blocks east of the Centre a virtual barren no-man’s land.

Which is a shame, because there are some stunning examples of old buildings, carefully restored, which are still sitting empty because, quite frankly, time has proven that normal people don’t like to walk down dark, enclosed sidewalks such as the ones that sit under the skybridge.

Hopefully, now that the skybridge is coming down, the delayed development east of the old Saint Louis Centre will take off. I mean, it’s two blocks from the convention center; certainly someone can think of some type of store or restaurant that could go there.

Update: Development did spread east after the bridge was demolished, and there is new life on the blocks of Washington as of April 2016.

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