Eastern Midtown, Revisited

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The first year this website existed, I visited the Scott Joplin House, a museum dedicated to one of the most important music innovators in American history. Not much has changed around there in nine years.

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Likewise, theses stunning houses, just around the corner, still sit in limbo, probably being eyed for demolition, knowing this city.

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Update: The house on the left in the pictures above and below was demolished in May of 2019.

Why can’t these houses be renovated? And how many other houses as beautiful as these have we lost? You can walk to downtown from here!

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  1. ChristopherDido says:

    Been a follower of this site for about a year now. I would love to know who is sitting on these houses. They are beautiful, I would love to own and renovate them. So sad they will probably be lost. I have a hard time understanding this city and the rust belt in general, I moved here a year ago via Texas, we have nothing that matches this kind of beauty.

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