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  1. Molly McBride says:

    I just discovered this website, and it is wonderful!! I am sorry I am so late in discovering this!! In case you didn’t already know, there used to be parties thrown in the eastern quarry, maybe the western quarry as well. I have attended parties in the eastern quarry, with live music, and bars set up, ample lighting because these parties were thrown at night, as well as bathroom facilities. It was so much fun!!! I can’t even tell you how totally cool it was to be hanging out in a cave, drinking beer and listening to one of St. Louis’ finest blues band, The Jeremiah Johnson Band. It felt like summer camp for adults! Such good times man!! There is also a cave in Crystal City, it maybe it’s Festus, where there are huge parties going on in a cave!!! If you ever find out about one of these parties happening, go check it out, because you will never forget it!! Thank you for this great website highlighting the wonderful things about St. Louis and the surrounding areas!! It really is a great place to live!!

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I know the Jeremiah Johnson Band! This must have not been too long ago–sounds like a great time! And thank you for tuning in to my website.

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