Factory, McReeTown

I spied this old factory years ago, but I finally got up close a weekend ago. The smokestack is very distinctive-not just your old run-of-the-mill pile of brick.

According to the Sanborn Maps, this was the American Tobacco Company. I don’t like Wikipedia, as it can be sabotaged so easily, but I did find some interesting facts about the company. See it from the air here.

Sadly, the factory is losing its urban context, as McRee Town is swept away for Botanical Heights, but much of the fabric is still standing in this area.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Chris,I used to look at that building everyday when our shop was back on Vandventer. If you drag the map WNW about 250 – 300 yards across the large open parking lot and the train tracks, you'll see a building on the intersection of Vandeventer and Boyle with a black roof shaped like a slice of pie. That is our old warehouse. I always wondered what that building was.

  2. Lucky says:

    Now it's part of Willert, who owns most of that dead end block of Park. I looked around there just a week ago by bike, did you see the weird little private park (with lily lamps and benches) on the land just east of the earth bermed building on the north side of Park across from the smokestack building?

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