Fair Avenue, West Side of Fairgrounds Park

The west side of Fairground Park once held the leafy estates of Italianate and Second Empire country homes, but as the city expanded, and the park itself pushed its boundaries out to what is now Fair Avenue, apartment buildings, churches and smaller houses of streetcar suburbs.

Most of the houses are still in great shape, even if the large apartment building at the corner of Sacramento Avenue is vacant and boarded up.

Then there’s this spectacular church, which is now Memorial Baptist Church.

Moving along, there are more large houses and a few two-family flats.

There is even a corner store, that looks much like a regular house on the corner with Kossuth.

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  1. Elcee says:

    Beautiful homes.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      They are! This part of the city is a hidden corner of many beautiful buildings.

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