Falstaff Plant No. 10, Revisited

I love the old Falstaff Plant No. 10 over on Shenandoah, Lemp and Gravois. It sits forgotten, right in plain sight. I also find it sort of interesting the half dozen or more owners and names that have occupied these buildings (and earlier, demolished ones) on this site for over one hundred and fifty years. What will be the next owner? Too many of these august plants have been torn down (though some have been saved) for such a famous brewery such as this one to be destroyed as well.

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  1. Ray Phillips says:

    Chris, whomever the owner is, they car at least a little. Last year, they put a new roof on one of those pitched roof towers. I was happy to see that and thought maybe it was the beginning of renovations. But, sadly, that’s all that’s happened.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      You’re right, Ray. I saw them fixing the roof–the highest point on the entire brewery–last year which would have been very difficult and expensive. So they do care, but they need help!

  2. CfR says:

    I wonder what kind of money would be needed to restore this building complex into a fully usable facility?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      10 million?

  3. doug hymer says:

    I have to agree. It is easy to drive by locations such as this and just chalk them up to being very old & not very attractive buildings. Very few people seem to understand how much this location contributed to the growth & mystic of S. Louis.

  4. Dave Fiedler says:

    That photo about halfway down, the only one with multiple vehicles showing in it I recognize as Salena Street on the west side of the complex. There is an indoor BMX/skate park in there called Ramp Riders up on the second floor where they’ve installed a pretty rad and sizeable collection of ramps, jumps and other features where kids can go to skateboard and ride bikes. Though I’ve been there multiple times, I had no idea that was part of the old Falstaff 10 plant. Like you said, right there in plain sight too.

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