Family Farm, May 2009

Things are good around the family farm outside of Deer Creek, Illinois. There was one loss over the last year; a shed from the Great Depression given by the government to farmers to encourage their business. The roof, as many other large objects do on the prairie during massive windstorms, flew off and landed hundreds of feet away in a field. As much as we didn’t want to, we realized the life of this shed may have reached the end of its usable life. My father and I carefully disassembled one wall when we were there, saving the wood for patching of our two one hundred year old barns, and put the nails in an old sauce pan. This was one well put together shed; the nails were still shiny when we pulled them out of the wood.

Amazingly, the tree I was certain had bitten the dust in the same wind storm has shown new life; now entering the fifth generation of Naffzigers that it has seen.

Otherwise, things are looking good; the barns remain in good shape, one from the 1880’s and the other from 1914, we think.

Also, here is a satellite image of the farm, if a little blurry.

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