Suspicious Fires Week: Warehouse on the Far South Side of Old North

Visible in the fourth photo down in this post from June of 2019, this warehouse caught on fire and burned, leaving only a ruined hulk behind.

It will surely be demolished, and another vacant lot will join the dozens of others in this immediate area. I don’t imagine anything will replace it anytime soon.

The weather turned cold in the last week, and I strongly suspect that many of these fires were accidental, caused by people moving indoors for the autumn, when their small campfire grew out of control. Looking at public records, there are the standard violations: unsecured building, graffiti, etc. Not a surprise it went up in flames.

By the way, the warehouse that burned down in the last couple of years (see the photos after that fire a little ways down in this post), is still sitting in this condition, and has not been cleaned up.

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  1. Patrick Kleaver says:

    The city needs to move Old North’s official southern boundary from Cass Ave. north to Madison St., the site of the Webster School building that’s currently being rehabbed into senior living. I say that sadly, because I spent the first 18 years of my life living on Tyler St., two blocks south of the school, but virtually everything south of the school is either abandoned, shells of their former selves, or homeless-related facilities. The only thing that may have brought rebirth back to this part was if the “Iron Horse Trestle” project that was to begin on Howard St. (two blocks north of the building in the second photo from the top) and cross I-70 at the intersection of Tyler and N. 11th had been done. The Great Rivers Greenway District owns the trestle and planned to convert it into an elevated hiking trail with a park bordered by Howard to the south, I-70 to the east, and Tyler to the north. The park was to have a pavilion, playground and rest area. Unfortunately, Greenway could not get funding for any of it.

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