Friedens Chapel, Chambers Road

It was increasingly common the in the mid-Twentieth Century to establish new churches, or “chapels” out in St. Louis County as congregations’ members moved further out from the city. The Friedens Chapel on Chambers Road continued on the traditions of its parent’s church in Hyde Park, which I have looked at in the past.

The building is largely the same as it was at its original construction, with a few alterations such as the new porch.

But what I found particularly fascinating is that the property was clearly a farmstead, and a wealthy one at that. I’m curious about the history of this august house that clearly predates the church.

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    From the City of Bellefontaine’s History site:
    “Frieden’s Evangelical and Reformed Church in 1952 purchased the plantation-type home built in 1880 by Dr. James H. Gibson together with 3.6 acres of land on which they built their church building while preserving the old home.”
    And from the same source:
    “Dr. James W. Gibson, a native of Scotland, joined the landowners of this area in 1832. His home was known as “Forest Home”. His son, Dr. James E. Gibson later bought the woods adjoining “Forest Home” and built his home “Tanglewood” on Chambers Road in 1880.”
    Three different Gibsons?

  2. carol hauptfleisch halloran 1961 says:

    Friedens Chapel was closed several years ago, aging congregation,etc..the church goers are now attending other UCC churches,,Immanuel in Ferguson and St Peters in Dellwood..
    Eddie Plitt, professional musician who grew up in Bissell Hills was the organist.

  3. Paul says:

    That house served as the home of a church rummage sale in the 1990’s. I can assure you that, on the inside, it is still a house in spite of this fact.

    My grandparents went to this church when they lived in Spanish Lake. It was once a vibrant community church for many of the German families who moved from North City to North County.

  4. Bob Strehl says:

    My wife and I were married at Friedens Chapel in 1971 and attended services there until we left the area in 1979.

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