Friedens Church, Hyde Park, More Thoughts


A faithful reader sent me some old photographs from her old church in Hyde Park, the Friedens German Evangelical Church. Its second incarnation is still standing, but as the Compton and Dry view showed and as the above photograph confirms, there was originally an older, Romanesque Revival church on the spot.

Friedens Original

The congregation hall, seen below last year, was most likely built in between the old church and the new church.

I sometimes get really sad looking at pictures like the one below of a wedding reception back in the 1950’s in the congregation hall; the people in the picture no longer live in the neighborhood, and that neighborhood that they knew is largely gone. Yes, most of the houses are still standing, but it is not the same place.

Scanned Image 111550015

This is a photo of a “Tom Thumb” wedding that took place at the church.

Scanned Image 111410050

All black and white photos courtesy of Joyce Pharriss.

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  1. Jan says:

    How very kind of your faithful reader to share these pictures!

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