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  1. When I was a teen in the '50s, I worked in the pro shop at Greenbriar CC. Many of the caddies were from Valley. They did have some stories about the – ahem – "checkered past" of the hotel… Of course, in those days it was the "checkered present"…

    1. Charlie says:

      Any stories you can share, Tom???

      1. Tom Maher-Kirkwood says:

        Just anecdotes, Charlie. While it took care of the RR men and their need for accommodations, when the RR diminished, it “serviced” other clientele…

  2. Chris says:

    Tom,Thank you for all of your interesting information about this area. It is fascinating.

  3. Jenny Woolf says:

    Amazing old place!

  4. Thank YOU, Chris!Hey – if you don't share the knowledge, it dies. There are just too many unanswered questions about the past that COULD have been answered…It pales with what you have done here with my beloved St. Louis area. While I did get around the area in my youth, having gone to HS and collitch in "the City," you have shown many more areas than even I explored waay back when.

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