Old Gardenville Elementary School


More Tudor Revival splendor at the intersection of Kingshighway and Gravois, at the old Ittner-Milligan school that is now a charter school. The building is shaped like a cursive letter V, and uses the odd shaped plot of land in its design.


Update: Added historic photograph of the school in July of 2020.

Gardenville School, 6651 Gravois Road, Photograph by W.C. Persons, c. 1929-32, Missouri History Museum, N33218

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  1. Russ Jackson says:

    I attended school there from 1958 they 1966. Would like to catch up with old friends

    1. Rosemary L Albers says:

      Hi Russ. I remember you. My name was Rosemary Mitchell. How are you doing? I will be in St.Louis for our CHS reunion September 17-19

  2. Gay Schlueter Specking says:

    I was in the class of 1960 and went on to Cleveland High School. Is Gardenville still used for anything? It was a beautiful school.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      It is in fact a well-regarded science magnet school now! A good friend of mine has a son who attends the school.

  3. Ken wilhelm says:

    Class of 1956

  4. Bob Davis says:

    I went to Kindergarten there in 1963…

  5. I went there in 1969threw 1977 would love to find people I went to school with

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