Glencoe, Wildwood

Down the narrow, tree lined roads of Wildwood, in far western St. Louis County, are numerous small unincorporated towns, now part of the largest city by square mileage in the region.

Glencoe was one such small town, focused on the mining and lime industries now contained within Rockwood Reservation along the Meramec River. At one time it was a bustling town, with a school, general store and church.

Floods in the late 1990’s wiped out much of the town near the river, but many houses still survive further up the hill.

Like many of the small towns in this part of the county, Glencoe once had a much larger population, but as the railroad ended its stops in the town, it shrank into the small hamlet that it is today.

Read about the town here.

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  1. Casey Ryback says:

    I know that first photo! That's the top of Woods Road – a blast to ride down on a bike, and a challenging climb the other way.

    1. Strove says:

      Yes, Matt!

  2. Chris says:

    You're right.

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