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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    Boy, that’s a new one on me – any idea the location? From the photo, the brickwoek style looks to be from the later ’30s or ’40s.

  2. Lura Holt says:

    I think I remember this near the Southeast corner of Grant Rd. and Big Bend. In the early 1970’s I recall some classmates that worked at a really old nursing home type place in that area. It looked very much like this. A few years after that it was empty. If I’m correct on the location, there are houses there now.

  3. Jay Waterman says:

    This building was the Administration Building & 1 of about 8 on the Old Glenwood Sanitorium – (Property) Webster Groves, Mo, located back then ca; `early 1980’s. . The address was 1900 Grant Road, just South of Big Bend Rd. The Property was sold , buildings demolished & a Subdivision was build.
    I grew up on Forest Green Drive (off Grant Rd) in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s Our back yard fence was the at their property line. Ican remember the patients yelling & screaming up on the 6th floor in the summer time before we had AV.

    1. Sue says:

      I lived on Linum Lane and as kids we were scared and very curious about this place. We’d sneek over there and go thru the piles of old records and stuff left in heaps in the yard. We hadn’t a clue as to what it was exactly, just an adventure. We were kicked out more than once. We’d cut thru from Clark School when we were brave enough to do it on our way home from school. I also remember the bell chimes at noon and 6 PM. The property was sold to a developer and homes were built on the land long after I married and left WG.

  4. Paul Vogt says:

    researching —-looking for old records of this ex sanitarium and one patient in particular from about 1913-1914

    Anyone out there have ideas as to where and how to view them if in existence?

    1. Ann McReynolds says:

      You might check census records for 1910 and 1920, to see if the patient was living there at those times. The Missouri Historical Society could possibly have hospital records.

  5. Doug Jacobs says:

    I worked there while in the COE Program at Hixson Jr High. Thats when I got my social security card. I made $1.00 an hour. I was in the maintenance department.

    1. Richard neubauer says:

      Did you know Bernie Neubauer (Mr. Bernie) he was there until1969

  6. Dan Warner says:

    This place had a storied history. Built around 1910, first as a Sanatorium / Hospital then as a home for the aging. There were many suicides in this place in the 40s and 50s. They had state licensing issues and state hearings on poor patient conditions in the 60s and 70s and in the end the facility just wasn’t modern enough to continue. It was torn down around 1980. It was located at 1300 Grant Road in Webster Groves.

  7. Debra Neubauer says:

    Does anyone know of a man that was in charge of maintenance named
    Bernie Neubauer (Mr. Bernie)

  8. Marcelle Duffel says:

    How neat to find a death cert at familysearch.org my ancestor died there Aug of 1924. Now is know where she was and cause of death.

  9. Indiver716 says:

    Thanks to all for sharing the interesting background info and stories.

    I lived from a young age until adulthood in the Webster Forest subdivision which I believe was built on the sanitarium land.

    I’m curious if anyone can provide guidance on the current versus old land / building placement. Today, you have the Webster Forest neighborhood, Southwest Park right behind that with Hawkin House at the edge of the park and Clark School and a church on the side of the park.

    Were both the neighorhood and the park once part of the sanitarium land parcel? Was any of the Clark School or church land once part of the sanitarium land parcel? Where in relation to the current neighorhood were the 8 sanitarium buildings situated?

    1. k says:

      Forgive me if you’ve done this, but here’s something interesting: if you’ll go to the St. Louis County real estate assessor’s website and search for any parcel in the Webster Forest subdivision, then click the link to the GIS maps, you can choose different years for the aerial layer. If I unclick all options but one aerial at a time – 1981, then 1970-72, 1966, etc., I see different subdivisions disappear and emerge around and on what appears to be the sanitarium land. Cross-reference these aerials with current Google maps and see what you think.

      1. cnaffziger says:

        Oh, yes, it’s an amazing resource! I use it all the time. And if you’re lucky, there are large parts of the City of St. Louis that are also covered by virtue of being close to the border with the County.

        1. l says:

          Oh, Chris, I was speaking to indiver716, in the hope that they’d come back to see a response. 🙂

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