St. Louis Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, Holly Hills Boulevard

Update: Readers helped to identify this as the St. Louis Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, built in 1931 according to plans by Aegerter & Bailey. To read a masterful article by Mimi Stiritz on all of the churches in St. Louis, click here.

Does anyone know the original name of this church? It was certainly not originally the New Testament Christian Church. It is one of the most unique Gothic Revival churches in the city of St. Louis, with an octagonal building plan.

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  1. David says:

    It was originally one of Eight Christian Science church buildings along with the first on Kingshighway, there is one on Russell near Grand, one next toBeaumont High school, one on Washington avenue near Leffingwell, one right off Gravois across from the South city Schnucks, one on Page near Temple place, and one on Hampton that was most recently a Carrollton Bank.

    1. samizdat says:

      Thanks for that, David. Living in Dutchtown, I pass by that Christian Science building on Potomac (at Tennessee) frequently, and I was always curious as to its original owners. (not to mention impressed by the large sq footage of patina’d copper on that building).

      The Holly Hills building seems to be well-maintained, or at least was maintained well for years before being sold to New Testament. Having seen the neglect and decay apparent on second and third-hand uses of religious buildings (not to mention store-front “churches”) by different religious sects, I have my doubts about the continued maintenance of this one.

      Eclectic group of structures, to be sure.

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