Grand Center, November 2012

It was a cold day, but Grand Center was devoid of human life except for the automobiles driving by on Grand Blvd.

Barnes, KDHX and Wildwood 071

Update: The building below, the former Missouri Theater, was converted into the Angad Arts Hotel by the Lawrence Group in 2018.

Word is the building below, which once held the Department of Health, is going to be renovated starting soon. The Continental, above, has already been converted into apartments.

Barnes, KDHX and Wildwood 091

The Fox Theater certainly is a St. Louis landmark, but its acres of parking lots, unused for 80% of the day, help to strip the area of that critical element for successful neighborhoods: housing.

Barnes, KDHX and Wildwood 087

Below is the old University Club Tower, which later moved to that black glass box in Richmond Heights. It is now going out of business, and one wonders if they had stayed on Grand their fate would have been different.

Barnes, KDHX and Wildwood 089

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