Grimm Road, Goodfield, Illinois

Alerted by my parents, we went back and checked out Grimm Road, on the outskirts of Goodfield, Illinois. We were fascinated by this massive, masonry arch that allowed a road to pass under the railroad tracks. Why is there such a massive, expensive viaduct for a country road, we wondered.

Further on up, and before a “no trespassing” sign at a fork in the road, we came across this small, dilapidated building. We realized there was a scale embedded in the concrete in front of the building, alluding to the building’s past use. My father realized that he remembered there being a quarry down the road, and the small building was where trucks leaving the quarry were weighed and charged accordingly for the rock. There is a similar building at a grain elevator in La Rose, Illinois.

Further on up, is the Apostolic Cemetery; Goodfield is known for having a large community of that denomination.

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