Gundlach School, April 2022

It seems like the most popular school post I’ve done is when I looked at Gundlach School in Wells-Goodfellow back in September of 2014 (I went back in March of 2017) so I thought I would check in on how the building was faring after over a decade of continual abandonment.

Gundlach School, School Building, September 1931, Missouri History Museum, P0900-13602-01-8n

As seen yesterday with Scruggs School and others, Gundlach was built in phases, with the northernmost wing built last, sometime after the earl 1930s.

The building itself is starting to show the signs of being left open to the elements for so long and having had little to no maintenance. Both front doors are now busted out and boarded up.

Graffiti is appearing on windows on upper stories where the glass has not been broken out, and the back of the school also shows signs of abandonment. When will help arrive for this school?

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