Branch Street


Update: The building above was demolished in May 2016. Ironically, I was told this apartment building was rehabbed back as part of one of the first redevelopments in Old North.

It’s been sad watching the building above waste away; the story goes is that it was actually renovated back in the 1980s. No revival is permanent unless worked for, I suppose. I just realized that the building’s neighbor’s wall is still there on the right, its wall protruding out further than the front wall. But below, this wonderful alley house hangs on, even its fronthouse is long gone. It would be a great house to own if someone didn’t want to waste time with both a front and backyard.


I’ve become obsessed with these little guys; early vernacular architecture, or Greek Revival if you’d prefer, though the Greek influence is much more subtle. I like the idea of one story living, with huge vaulted ceilings. Unlike many of this form below, this appears to have always been a single family house (many are combined from duplexes, the brick scar below one of the windows betraying its former use as a door).


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