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  1. Sean Thomas says:

    Thanks for highlighting the “awesome potential” on this block, Chris. For those not familiar with Old North, the buildings shown here are on just one block of Hebert. Two blocks to the west, the 1400 block of Hebert is a good demonstration of what’s possible. On that particular block are 4 separate Landmarks Association “Most Enhanced Award”-winning properties. Feel free to contact the ONSLRG office if you’d like to pursue a rehab here.

  2. Michelle Garamella says:

    I love your website. I grew up in Old North St. Louis and lived on Hebert St. and Nineteenth St. This brought back many memories of my time there. The cobblestone streets, walking to Ames School, playing paper tag and riding my bike. Sometimes just sitting on the front steps with my friends. We never knew we were poor until we moved away, because everybody was poor! My aunt has a six room apartment in University City and I thought she was rich. I had good times and good friends and miss those days. Everybody knew everyone else and looked out for you. Thank you for reminding me.

    1. Bill Mitchell says:

      Drug store was on corner of 19th & Hebert. I lived next to Drug store on Hebert
      from 1940s thru 1956.

  3. Mary Greenstreet says:

    Was there a bakery on Hebert Street in the 1940’s? Im trying to hunt down the house on Hebert that my parents lived in before I was born. Thanks!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Mary, that’s a good question. What were your parents’ names?

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