Henry Shaw Mausolea and Gardens, Missouri Botanical Garden

Apparently, the building sitting to the north of the fenced garden was intended to be Henry Shaw’s mausoleum, but he rejected it in favor of a new location to the south.

Passing through the gates into the garden, the mausoleum appears through the trees and shadows.

Shaw’s final mausoleum has changed little in appearance over the years, though they no longer place potted palms around it.

William Swekosky, Shaw’s Garden, Henry Shaw Mausoleum, 1895, Missouri History Museum, N05273

I looked at the shady grove back in May of 2008.

Shaw actually posed for the recombinant portrait of himself on the interior of the glassed mausoleum.

Frank M. White, Henry Shaw Posing for Sculptor Ferdinand von Miller, Who Designed His Sarcophagus, c. 1885, Missouri History Museum, P0004-00003

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