Hoppe Family Plot, Bellefontaine Cemetery

I’ve looked at the Feickert Family Plot before, which is right next to the Adam Lemp Family Plot in Bellefontaine Cemetery (they bought them both on the same day, years before their children William and Julia were married). Of course, William J. Lemp Sr. moved his in-laws, Jacob and Elizabeth to his mausoleum, so the parents are no longer there, but there are a couple of children left in the Feickert plot with no tombstones. It turns out there was another woman buried there originally that was moved, as well.

Her name was Laura Amanda Hoppe, and she was the sister of Frederick Jacoby, the saloon business partner of Jacob Feickert, who was also her cousin. It begins to make sense why Jacoby and Feickert were in business together since they were related. It seems that her remains were moved to the Hoppe-Zeller Plot when her husband, an attorney purchased it. Edward Hoppe owned 3333 Second Carondelet Avenue, which was the house north of the Adam Lemp Villa, where Adam’s third wife and widow Louise lived at 3343. Second Carondelet then became South 13th Street. Now it begins to make sense why this “weirdly composed” photograph exists!

Adam Lemp Residence, 3343 13th Street (Left), Jacoby-Hoppe Residence, 3333 13th Street (Right), Missouri History Museum, N04071

He bought it from none other than Frederick Jacoby, who was of course would have been living across the street from his business partner, Jacob Feickert, who was living in what we now call the Lemp Mansion on the east side of that thoroughfare now known as DeMenil Place. It eventually was owned by Louise Lemp, Adam’s widow. Whew!

The Zellers were also related, and you can see other children below.

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