HUD Houses, Abandoned

Ruins 005

Update: Demolished for the new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in 2017. The City of St. Louis cut ties with Paul McKee’s Northside in June of 2018.

I find it fascinating that buildings less than a half century old can fall into disrepair and abandonment when there are buildings well over 150 years old in this city that are still continuously occupied. Such are the vagaries of fate, I imagine.

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    These two houses look pretty intact and not scavenged, at least from the front.
    And the first floors appear to be all brick (at least brick veneer).
    Since they would have “modern” wiring and plumbing – what would be the reason for their abandonment – “changing neighborhood” or ?
    It looks like the owning authority keeps them up, as far as the grass and boarding appear – is it a Federal agency and not the City?

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