Hunter Meatpacking Plant #1

Update: The plant was completely demolished in 2012.

Wandering around aimlessly, my crew and I found the partially demolished Hunter Meatpacking Plant in the old National Stockyards. I mused that maybe the reason they stopped demolition was that they realized what an architecturally interesting building the plant was. OK, I admit that there is 98% chance that is not the reason why.

Nonetheless, the building displays some wonderful terracotta touches that make modern-day, bare bones industrial buildings look sad and plain.

The complex is absolutely gigantic, sitting not far for the National Stockyards.

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  1. Jean-Pierre says:

    Bonjour, j’ai travaillé dans cette usine pour exploiter un nouveau procédé Français de conditionnement et de cuisson des jambons. C’était en 1980.
    J’ai été surpris de la vétusté des locaux. Mes assistants étaient vraiment merveilleux.

    1. W. White says:

      A translation, courtesy of Google, of Jean-Pierre’s comment.

      “Hello, I worked in this factory to exploit a new French process for packaging and cooking hams. It was in 1980.
      “I was surprised at how old the premises were. My assistants were really wonderful.”

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