I Love What You’ve Done with the Place

Update: The roof collapsed in 2014. The house continued to deteriorate even more in June of 2018and the winter of 2019. The house was demolished byJuly of 2019.

I love what Paul McKee has done with this property. It didn’t look like this when he first bought it with one of his shell companies. While it wasn’t in perfect shape, there was still hope back in 2010.

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  1. Pete says:

    Just you wait. McKee is only about 6-7 more defaulted loans, 3-4 unsuccessful pushes to get roughly eleventy bajillion dollars in TIF money, a handful of public meetings where he gets told to leave the north side and…any real, legitimate, feasible plans for doing any of the stuff he’s promised to do away from bringing the north side back to life. He’s **that** close. 🙂

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