Interstate Disruption

Debaliviere Place 001

Back in July, I looked at the well-preserved section of Frenchtown west of Soulard Market. I thought I would experience what is was like to take the 500 foot walk to the market from the neighborhood.

Debaliviere Place 002

This factory, now renovated into apartments, almost certainly was surrounded by houses or maybe another factory or two. It is now walled off by I-55. To get there, you have to walk twice the distance than the crow flies by going up one ramp, and down the other.

Debaliviere Place 003

Traces of graffiti that have been covered up greet the pedestrian as the bridge is crossed.

Debaliviere Place 004

Down below, the interstate roars by, creating an unpleasant experience. In fairness, many people were using the bridge on Saturday, but I’m sure they wish they don’t have to.

Debaliviere Place 005

Looking back, the building in the first picture is in view, now over a 1000 foot walk.

Debaliviere Place 006

Going back on Lafayette, the outline of the first unlucky house that was demolished for the interstate has left a permanent scar on the house next to it, the last lucky house.

Debaliviere Place 007

This is what used to be there. Yes, I know that the area had declined badly by the time the interstate was built, but now the houses left go behind are some of the most sought after houses in the city. Ironic, isn’t it?

Soulard Demolition

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