John Loler House, In Ruins

Update: The ruins have largely been cleared away.

There’s not much to say, after the fire that destroyed the John Loler House two Saturdays ago.

The ruins will probably sit for a little while, and then be torn down.

There was a woman living inside, and she had some of her belongings on the side porch at one time; I don’t know what all this soot-covered stuff is strewn across the back yard is.

The fire was so intense that it singed the telephone poles going down N. 22nd Street.

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  1. ME says:

    Sad to see another remarkable example of our city’s architecture lost. At the very least, the first floor front facade would make an interesting entrance to a front patio if it could remain, and another building perhaps a cafe were built set back from the street. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening with what past similar situations have shown us.
    Anyway, Thanks for documenting the before photos!

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