John R. Kirk House, Kirksville, Missouri


I found some old photos I took back in 1998 of the John R. Kirk House, the home of a former president of Truman State University. I lived across the street from it for two years, and even back then, when I wasn’t actively doing historic photography, I still saw the value in capturing it.


By the time I lived there, the stately house had been cut up into six apartments, but there were still traces of its former glory when you looked closely.


Sadly, after my junior year in 1999, it was converted into an apartment building, destroying any hope that the house could one day serve as a vestige of Kirksville’s past.

Kirksville and Northeast Missouri 085

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  1. Rebecca HORTON says:

    Can you tell me if this house was actually demolished and the apartments were built on same foundations or did they remodel the house into apartments?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Rebecca, the apartments were built into the frame of the old house. I lived across from the house in college and watched them do it over the course of the summer of 1999.

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