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I was standing around on a front porch in Grand Center of a house that has somehow survived the devastation that has continued to plague the area as the quest for more parking lots and vacant lots continue. Imagine, that one hundred years ago that this house would have just been one of hundreds, or even thousands in St. Louis with this amazing craftsmanship. And nowadays, it is thrown away with little care for it being gone forever. Look at the attention to detail that these houses possess.

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  1. Jan says:

    I have a special fondness for the covered porches of an old home. I can just imagine sitting out there with summer plants cascading down, a flag flying out front and chairs for relaxing. Unfortunately it will never be that way for many of the buildings that you photograph.

  2. Charlie says:

    Quest for more parking lots… what a disgusting and heartbreaking phrase. We are a throw-away society and I shudder to think of how little link to the history of their surroundings my grandchildren will have. I find your blog so fantastic…and so bittersweet

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