Kingshighway, Fall 2019

Kingshighway south of Lindell is dominated by apartment buildings, but most importantly by the hospitals which have come to symbolize the east end of Forest Park.

The Park Plaza tower to the north will always be a landmark, above, but below the “ABCD” buildings are still iconic examples of the high style of the early Twentieth Century in the Central West End.

They are the Aberdeen, the Bellevue, the Colchester, and the Devonshire.

They are actually just four identical buildings right next to each other; if you look around St. Louis, you realize that is really what many large apartment buildings actually are: simple buildings combined together.

Below, the Siteman Cancer Center has been finished, though it was embroiled in lawsuits upon its completion; I looked at the buildings it replaced, and their demolition.

Forest Park is beautiful in the fall.

The Jewish American Monument has been roped off for some time now; I do not know why, except that maybe there is something wrong with the pavement of the steps.

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