Laclede Power Company, Later Lewis Street Power Station, Revisited


Update: See the old power plant at night in the summer of 2019 and again in October of 2022.

The irony of the 1901 Laclede Power Company and its famous sign that fronts the river is that it was bought by Union Electric Power and Light in 1907.

Lewis Power Plant

It apparently had five smokestacks 120 feet tall that have long since been removed. It was designed by Mauran, Russell and Crowell, who designed many of the most iconic buildings in St. Louis.


The architecture reminds me of loggias in Italy, public spaces under which merchants sell vegetables and other wares. It is a beautiful building, and one I keep coming back to over the years. The quote on the plywood is supposedly by Jimi Hendrix, but in reality originated with Nineteenth-century British prime minister William Gladstone.


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