Lee Avenue Between Marcus and North Newstead Avenues

Things continue to look great crossing over Marcus Avenue as we remain in the Penrose neighborhood heading east on Lee Avenue.

A first appears, which is multi-family housing, as seen above.

But then some really fascinating and unique Gingerbread houses reappear, and they show designs that I haven’t seen anywhere in the city.

There’s even a couple of those little in-fill houses built in the mid-Twentieth Century, most likely replacing a demolition.

Sadly, as we cross over North Taylor Avenue and start climbing up a hill, things start to look a little rough after these two houses which remind me of tracts on and around Ashland Avenue in the Greater Ville.

The one on the left looks like it might have caught fire.

And it’s the first time I saw abandoned houses, as well.

I also see the first of those rudimentary first generation settlement hipped roof wood frame houses you see scattered among later brick buildings.

Something is changing as we head east. Vacant lots appear in great number.

Then we arrive at North Newstead and the buildings have now arrived if not crossed over the year 1900. We will now be entering the Fairgrounds neighborhood tomorrow.

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