Meeting of the Waters, Aloe Plaza, Union Station

August 2015 398

Ah yes, the “Meeting of the Waters” by Carl Milles in Aloe Plaza; originally it was the “Marriage” but uptight St. Louisans made them change the title. I really like the sculpture group/fountain, because it draws on a long tradition of fountions in Europe, such as the “Diana and Actaeon” fountain at Caserta, outside of Naples, Italy. This is a perfect example of why my website on St. Louis architecture frequently takes trips to other places–it gives myself and the reader a sense of context and history.

August 2015 383

The man and woman represent the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and I think the accompanying nymphs and tritons represent tributaries of those mighty rivers.

August 2015 384

August 2015 385 August 2015 386

August 2015 396

As many know, I try to focus on places in St. Louis that are less well known, and certainly the view below has been on more than a few telephone book covers, but sometimes it’s fun to remember that the “famous” places in St. Louis are incredibly beautiful as well.

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