Merry Christmas from Oliver and Whipple Fire Insurance Maps!

I’ve just discovered a huge cache of old fire insurance maps from 1876, capturing St. Louis only a decade after the Civil War. The Oliver and Whipple Maps, similar to the more famous Sanborn fire insurance maps, show the physical make-up of the city and a particular place and time, with additions of course. This legend should aid the reader when I use these maps in the future.

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  1. Legal Eagle says:

    Are these available online? Do they cover any of the county as well?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Yes, but be prepared to be frustrated:

      It is only the city of St. Louis, and a fairly strict definition of that from 1876. Sparsely settled outskirts are not mapped.

  2. E4explore says:

    Hey Chris, I’d love to have a set of those too. Would you mind telling where you got ’em, and how much they set you back?

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