Mission Espada Irrigation System

Harnessing the water of the semi-arid San Antonio region, Spanish friars turned to irrigation techniques invented by the ancient Romans.

San Antonio 072

The dam diverted water in irrigation channels, many that are still in operation, and fed fields around the missions. This is referred to the Espada Dam, even though it is closer to Mission San Juan.

San Antonio 073

Harnessing, for better or for worse, to the present day is the modern dam.

San Antonio 069

Further south, the Espada Aqueduct brought irrigation channels across the river. I always find aqueducts ironic: they take water over the top of other water bodies for humans’ benefit.

San Antonio 095

The National Park Service, as owner of much of the land, owns the original water rights from the Eighteenth Century, which it shares with other shareholders, some of whom have inherited it from their ancestors in the 1700s.

San Antonio 096

I love this rustic arch, made with rubble construction.

San Antonio 097

Read more about it below:

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