Montmartre Cemetery

Across Paris in the Montmartre area is another cemetery, built in the basin of a former limestone quarry–a common theme where largely unbuildable land is used for the burial of the dead. It’s an interesting counterpoint to Père Lachaise; Montmartre Cemetery is still a rural cemetery movement space but it is more rigid and just as packed with monuments and graves.

These first photos are taken from the avenue that passes over the cemetery on a viaduct, which is quite the sight to behold.

Down below in the cemetery, we can look back up at the span.

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  1. Joshua Vise says:

    Montmartre is actually an incredibly important place for the study of evolutionary history. Here is a short clip about it that you may like.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Wow, thank you for the link! That is so fascinating.

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