More Collapses

Update: The house above has been demolished, as expected.

Sadly, there have been some more building collapses in the last month, one due to no one’s fault, and two due to ongoing neglect and lack of investment. Above, the front porch of one of the ill-fated row of houses built on top of a quarry on Utah in Benton Park West has collapsed, probably due to more settling or high winds at the end of December 2018. Sadly, I believe all of the houses will have to be demolished at some point.

I have never photographed the giant warehouse complex below for some reason, but it is a nice group of buildings, and it is a shame that it is sitting abandoned.

A resident of Old North told me that he had noticed that a wall was bulging on the north facade.

After heavy rains, a portion of it collapsed onto the street below, scattering bricks everywhere.

It is not a fatal collapse and I hope that it is not the end of this complex.

It sits on Branch Street, which is right on the edge of the Old North neighborhood.

Update: The houses seen below in various states of collapse have all been demolished and cleared as of the fall of 2019. The land is now vacant at the northeast corner of 14th Street and N. Florissant Avenue.

Meanwhile, on the south end of Old North, this LRA house has finally bit the dust, and is a pile of rubble. You could see it standing in good condition back in March of 2015, along with the house just to the south below.

But by the time I photographed these two houses’ neighbors to the north in February of 2016, they were already rapidly deteriorating in the background of my photos.

And now Paul McKee’s house, seen in the photographs above and below, is a complete disaster. The historic Mullanphy Emigrant Home is right across the street.

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