More Remnants, Hyde Park Brewery

I had recently covered what I believe to be old offices and warehouses of the Hyde Park Brewery, whose historic brew house at Salisbury and North Florissant was demolished decades ago. But many of the auxiliary buildings are still standing, and are still occupied.

For example, the buildings labeled on the Sanborn maps as the stables are still standing, though some of the windows have been bricked up.

They are classic examples of brewery buildings designed by the Edmund Jungenfeld successor firm of Widmann, Walsh and Boiselier, which also designed many of the most important buildings at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

This old photograph shows the towering brew house and the old Bethlehem Lutheran before its towers were simplified. The towering steel smokestack would have been secured with guy-wires. Below are more details of the stables.

South of Mallinckrodt are what I believe to be more brewery buildings, which are probably loading docks for delivery trucks.

Finally, here is a storefront across the street, that very well might have once sold Hyde Park Beer originally, or even have been a tavern.

The family that owned the brewery lived in Soulard.

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  1. Slevin Kelevra says:

    Wonderful post Chris.

  2. Greg Petit says:

    Nice work Chris on the Hyde Park Brewery piece!
    I am breweriana collector looking for beer cans from this brewery. Did you happen to come across any during your research?
    Thank you,
    Greg Petit
    (St. Louis)

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Hello, Greg! Your name sounds familiar! Unfortunately I did not come across any Hyde Park cans in the course of my examination of this brewery.

      1. robert cobetto says:

        I have a handful of Hyde Park beer coasters have no clue how old.

    2. Greg Petit says:

      Anyone with pictures of items, if you’ld like, please send to 314-578-7175 or
      Thanks, Greg Petit

  3. Don brewer says:

    I have a ice chest that is yellow, it has Coca Cola on the front. Its made of wood with a zinc liner. Bottle opener says Hyde Park Brewery. I can send you pics, can you tell me maybe what year it may have been made? Thank you!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Don, I would be happy to take a look at it. E-mail me at the address at the bottom of the page.

  4. steve says:

    I bought an old brewery guage with “Hyde Park Brewery” on the face of the Gauge, it is huge has the brewery’s name and the guage has “Furnished by N.O. Nelson MFG Co, St.Louis” Also has the guage manufacturer’s name on the face “schaffer & Budenberg New York”, glass is gone has cast iron back, with a brass rim, that screws on to the cast iron case. the gauge has seen better days but really cool, measures 14.5 inches in diameter.

  5. Joy says:

    I have a wall mount Hyde Park Breweries bottle opener, and was also curious to know what year it may have been produced! I will email you with pictures of you have a chance to check them out I would really appreciate it.

    1. Elisabeth buford says:

      My grandfather worked at Hyde park brewery. Would love to find any memorabilia

  6. Doc Icenogle says:

    I have a couple of the old Hyde Park green label bottles still sealed.

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