More Ruins of an American City

Update: The building was demolished in 2008.The City of St. Louis cut ties with Paul McKee’s Northside in June of 2018.

Two blocks north on Wright Street is the latest evidence of illegal brick theft; while it’s just one house, yet another note in the symphony of the St. Louis urban fabric is gone.

This house was such a total loss that I initially believed it was a one story building, until I realized that it had two front doors and a staircase heading up to the former second floor. Note the beautiful stone arch broken into pieces; it most likely fell twenty feet before dashing upon the bricks below.

I carefully climbed up the brick pile to take a picture of the still extant wood paneling that once graced the front entry of the house. It sits surrealy still in situ, despite its brick comrades’ departure.

There is something surreal about this image looking down the nearly intact entrance hallway of the first floor flat; despite there clearly having been a catastrophic, noisy collapse at some point recently, there is still a green hangar hanging above the doorway to the left. Perhaps it is symbolic of the tenacious few residents still clinging to the neighborhood as it collapses in a pile of broken bricks around it.

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