Mount Elliott Cemetery, Detroit

For some reason, Mount Elliott Cemetery, part of a constellation of other cemeteries, no longer promotes itself as a Catholic burial ground, though it opened as one in 1841, making it the oldest in Detroit.

It’s a beautiful cemetery, and I only discovered its existence when I noticed a barbed wire-topped fence on the eastern side of Elmwood Cemetery, which we looked at yesterday, and noticed there were more gravestones beyond.

It’s not terribly large, but it has some nice sculpture.

Interestingly, it was named after its first interment, Robert T. Elliott, who died only a week or so after the cemetery opened when he died in a construction accident.

Sadly, the neighborhood is a bit rundown around the cemetery, with large amounts of vacant lots and abandoned buildings.

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  1. Michael R Boyd says:

    The Catholic and Protestant cemeteries side by side like our Bellefontaine and Calvary?

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