Murphy Building, East St. Louis, Revisited

Bethlehem Lutheran and Mt Olive Cemetery 024

Update: The Murphy Building was torn down in May of 2015; almost none of the ornamental terracotta, including the two caryatids, was saved from the landfill. 

The poor Murphy Building, suffering now for decades, and constantly under threat of demolition. I actually thought it was doomed two years ago.

But my, what an amazing, stunning entrance, with two caryatids holding up the pediment above. Will it be saved if the rest of the building comes down?

Bethlehem Lutheran and Mt Olive Cemetery 028

Years ago, the keystones were stolen from the arches up above. Who could get away with such a brazen theft? Yes, that’s a tree growing on the roof.

Bethlehem Lutheran and Mt Olive Cemetery 031 Bethlehem Lutheran and Mt Olive Cemetery 034

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  1. samizdat says:

    The theft probably was accomplished by smashing through from the inside. At 2am. Just a guess.

  2. Ben Banet says:

    Is the Majestic Theater still standing? Wondering how the demo affected that.

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