National Candy Company

The old National Candy Company factory sat empty for years, and was first the target of redevelopment for a charter school a few years ago. That never happened, so in a continuing trend, U-Haul got a hold of it and renovated it for storage, which I think is a perfectly fine reuse.

It’s a great example of how factory architecture was changing in the early Twentieth Century away from more historicist models, and embracing new ideas and forms.

And yes, this was the company owned by actor Vincent Price’s family.

It is located on the hill that the Gravois Avenue underpass cut through.

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  1. David says:

    Chris, I may be mistaken, but when I lived in that area about 25 years ago, Eagle Brand Snackfoods, which was owned by Anheuser Busch, I believe they were operating a plant out of this building, Im not sure what they produced at this plant, but they were known for awhile for their commercials with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Also I remember a delivery unit for Colonial bread which AB also owned, in a smaller building, Im not sure if bread was produced there or not, but at times I could smell the aroma of fresh bread when driving down Gravois

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Interesting, I’ll have to look into this.

      1. Sharon (Schuessler) McGuire says:

        My husband and I just had a heated conversation about the Gravois viaduct. I grew up in the area, born in 1950 and was there until 1970. My parents lived their whole married life on Ellenwood, one block south of Taft where the viaduct was. I remember Hill Behan being on the northwest corner of Taft and Gravois. My dad and we 3 kids would walk there to get our Christmas tree and bring it home for the holidays, for several of my younger years. I was the youngest in the family. Colonial Bread was further up the viaduct on the east side and they did bake bread there. I had a school age friend that lived in a house on that side of the viaduct. She was one of 13 kids when their home burned down, probably somewhere late 50’s. I know Colonial Bread built their Thrift Store on the corner of Taft and Gravois where Hill Behan had been. I would walk on the east side of that viaduct in ’63 and ’64, squeeze thru a fence where the viaduct would curve to get to Bingham St on the east side and walk on Bingham to access Western Bowl when I bowled in a school league there. I do remember the tunnel on the west side of the viaduct. Remember my mom walking us through it when I was very young (early to mid 50’s). But it became dangerous so any future treks along that area we avoided going thru the tunnel. I do recall it being concreted up to avoid crime but don’t know when that was. All those years on Ellenwood I do recall ‘hobos’ knocking at our back porch door for a drink and a sandwich. My mother would actually oblige. Never had a single problem with one stopping for a drink and/or sandwich. But I do remember that happening. My formative years were spent in the Bevo area and they were wonderful years. Gravois provided many stores for shopping. Bevo Lanes was on Gravois near Itaska. Long School had a huge library. There were several bakeries in the area, many confectionaries, two or three grocery stores, shoe repair shops, of course the Bevo Mill restaurant, and a few smaller ones, ice cream shops, furniture stores. We had it all in that area. And believe me, we WALKED everywhere. Much simpler and safer times! And good schools too. I went to St John the Baptist parochial school from K thru senior year. I had friends from Long School and neighbors from Oak Hill school. Forgot to mention many taverns in the area as well. I think I had a great childhood back there. Certainly wonderful memories!

        1. Chris Naffziger says:

          Thanks for the great memories!

  2. ME says:

    This bldg would be cool as residential lofts with a green space and amenities on the roof. But just glad it’s no longer sitting vacant!

  3. Dan Lewis says:

    You know we were all ready to lambast you if you hadn’t mentioned the Vincent Price connection Lol. Glad to see you headed us off at the pass.

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