Natural Bridge Avenue Between Paris and North Taylor Avenues, South Side

When we last left off on our examination of the south side of Natural Bridge Avenue heading west, we had stopped at Clay Avenue. Much of the urban fabric west of there until Paris Avenue has been ruined for autocentric development, so let’s pick up there.

The housing stock, even though it’s on a major thoroughfare, is similar to interior streets of The Greater Ville.

Each Dutch Colonial house with its gambrel roof has led a different life since being built in a tract.

But then we’re met with the standard one-story house so typical of the neighborhood with its half-story false roof front.

The grass has had varied success growing up in the massive median built to calm traffic on the state-owned avenue.

A brightly colored store breaks the residential rhythm of the street before we get to North Taylor Avenue.

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  1. Tim Long says:

    When I was in St. Louis last week I noticed on the 1100 block of Tyler that there was scaffolding on the east side of the old machine shop on the northeast corner of Tyler and 10th St. I hope someone is trying to save it and not steal bricks. The last of the honeymoon flats on the southside of the block the roof has collapsed.

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