Natural Bridge Avenue

Update: Revised October 2018 with revised photographs, texts and links to relevant posts.

On the heels of my pleasant trip down Page Blvd last weekend, I decided to check out Natural Bridge Ave, a possible route for the northern extension of Metrolink. Sadly, while there was more life along Natural Bridge, much of the historic fabric from Grand Blvd, where I started, out to Lucas-Hunt Road, has been obliterated for shabby, parking lot fronted strip malls. However, there were a few surprises, like this church across the street from Fairgrounds Park.

Update: See the church again in 2018.

Update: The gasometer was demolished in 2013

The Natural Bridge gasometer is a great landmark moving towards the county line. It sits unused, but still standing.

The terrain becomes hilly, and the buildings begin to look more rural in nature, but with a fair amount of dilapidation and neglect.

But there is a great example of Onassis Modernism across from the grand entrance to Pasadena Hills.

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  1. There is no such thing as a “standard, unremarkable two family flat.” Not in St. Louis.

  2. Alex Ihnen says:

    Maybe “common” would have been the best choice of words?

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