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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    Being curious about the origin of the building, I found the below: pasted info.
    Started in 1888 at 1215 Webster Avenue moving later to 2955 Sheridan, as a Mission of CHURCH OF THE HOLY COMMUNION, aka ADVENT MISSION. Organized Apr. 23, 1892, a church was built at 1428 N. Garrison Ave. (at Glasgow) Rev. K. M. Deane, rector, Matthews, Clark and James, architects. Admitted to Convention as a parish in 1892. Closed in 1918 and building was sold to Theferis Thalmudt Tharah Association. [1918]

    From a list of past and resent Jewish congregations:
    Mishgan Israel Congregation (1930)
    Congregation Names:
    1930 Mishgan Israel Congregation
    1930 1428 N Garrison Ave

    Again from the Public Library:
    MISCHGAN ISRAEL CONGREGATION [Jewish] (Orthodox) pre 1925
    1428 N. Garrison Ave. in 1925. 1638 Burd Ave. by 1935. 5827 Cote Brillianteby 1940. [1940]

    Apparently it was a synagogue until at least 1935. I could not discover its use from then until the Greater Paradise Church took over around 1988.

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