New Website Allows Commuters to Complain About Their Commute

I found a link on the Post-Dispatch website to a site called At this site you can read about (mostly Chicago area) commuters complaining about how their 50 mile commute takes 2 hours in rush hour traffic. Go figure! I did find one comment that seemed to address the vapid lack of self reflection that is present in most Americans:

“I live in Chicago and work a little less than a mile and a half away from my office. I live about three blocks away from a CTA train that drops me off a little more than 4 blocks from my office. My commute is hell! On a daily basis, I have to walk almost 8 blocks if I take the train! Sometimes, I even have to wait up to five minutes just to get on the train! I would love to just walk everyday, but sometimes it rains and I get wet! In this day and age an umbrella has yet to be invented that can stand up to a Chicago wind!”

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  1. Rudie says:

    I hope that person was just being sarcastic. It saddens me that I have doubts.

  2. Oh puh-leeese! I feel no pity for you! Sorry! I live in Brooklyn and what should normally be a 20 minute car ride, is a 1+hr subway ride to go from brooklyn to 34th st in Manhattan! Sorry I just can't feel your pain. Nope!

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