Newport, Kentucky

Alright, alright, we’re done with Cincinnati, at least for a year or so until I go back. But before we head back to St. Louis, we’re going to visit the two historic suburbs across the river in Kentucky. We’ll start with Newport, which is one of those surprises I never expected to find across the river from a major American city. Why? Because I live in the St. Louis region, where leaders and society have basically decided to push the community directly across the river, East St. Louis, in front of the bus and make absolutely no effort to help or make that city succeed. So when I visit a place like Newport, I discover that no, you can have beautiful, successful suburbs directly across a major river like the Ohio from the core city of a metropolitan region.

And from what I understand from doing my research, Newport wasn’t exactly lined with charming, rehabbed houses just a couple of decades ago.

Here’s an article talking about one effort that seeks to redevelop the city holistically, and not piecemeal.

Look at these rowhouses, they’re amazing.

I’m not saying that success equals turning every house in a city into one that cost a half million dollars, but you have to have a tax base to get things done for everyone.

This former religious building is named the Hannaford; I strongly suspect it is named after the architect who designed the Cincinnati Music Hall–as well as this structure.

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