North Broadway, Revisited

Update: The new bridge was opened in February of 2014.

As the new Mississippi River Bridge slowly rises north of downtown, it will be interesting to see what happens to the largely desolate stretch of North Broadway that now runs under the approaches to the bridge.

Update: The building above opened as the Bissinger’s Chocolate Factory in October of 2014.

Many of the old refrigerated warehouses are vast, allowing for relatively easy refurbishment for new uses.

The American Bag Company is one business that has occupied several buildings in a row.

Update: See them up close in this post from May of 2008.

I find the peaked roof of this building amusing, as there is no roof behind the triangular facade.

Update: See the building above in 2018.

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  1. NV says:

    Cool! Interesting That you mention this area. I go past it (on I-70) everyday in some direction or another and keep meaning to explore. That became a bit more of a to-do when some recent work at the foot of the McKinley Bridge sent me back downtown to the Eads. Drove through here and if I had had more time this particular day, Id have been out of the car with my camera!

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