North Brush Park and Eastern Market, Detroit

We head back south on Woodward Avenue to the 1888 Frank J. Hecker House, which sits on the northeast corner of East Ferry Street. Hecker was a partner of Charles Lang Freer, and together they made a fortune in their Peninsular Railroad Car Company. The house is based off Chenonceaux, which I visited last year.

Even the carriage house is a little castle.

Hecker’s partner, Freer had his house built right next door; this house has a long and interesting history you can read about here.

Those two houses are just the beginning of what is the East Ferry Historic District, which stretches for several blocks and includes many other beautiful homes.

Later in the day I also checked out the Eastern Market neighborhood, which shares its name with an the area east of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

It’s been renovated and redeveloped nicely, but it’s a perfect example of an area, that’s heavily constricted by interstates on many sides.

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